Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hamburg, Here I Come?

Looking like I'll be traveling to Hamburg, Germany this weekend. There is a new team of contractors we're working with to provide support on a project I'm leading and they're having a difficult time coming up to speed with the environment. I recommended the trip as we have little time to spare on the project and they have a very critical path on the project.

The trip is for just a work week so no real sightseeing opportunities are available. Nevertheless, the opportunity to see a bit of Europe is exciting.

I was looking at Wikipedia, and did you know that the Beattles got their first break in Hamburg at a little night club in Reeperbahn?

I've already received solicitations to join co-workers for some drinks there. I'm sure they were let down a little at the knowledge that I'm not a drinker but I assured them we'd still have a little after hours fun.

Will post more when I know for sure when I'm traveling.
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