Thursday, August 23, 2007

Teaching Children with Disabilities in the LDS Church

There is a very good article in the LDS Newsroom regarding teaching children with special needs in the LDS church.

I've seen the need first hand for patient and loving teachers willing to dedicate more than just Sunday time to children with special needs. Most people who work with children know how difficult it is to reach children with short attention spans (pretty much ever child under 9). Now imagine trying to capture the attention of a child whose attention is not on our normal conscious plane, or has physical limitations that cause disruptions in class. I've seen effective teachers that reach these precious souls. The effect is not only growth for the child, but love expansion for the teacher and sincere appreciation by the parents as they can focus on their spiritual path amongst the body of the saints and contribute to the kingdom.

Cool article. Just need to find the right instructors to implement the suggestions and love the kids.
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