Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tri-Regional Communication: Joys of Global Development

I work in an organization that utilizes resources from around the world, from India (who doesn't now days), to Sydney. If you've followed my last 3 months of blogging you've noted that I've ended up in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Hamburg, Germany. The project I'm working on is being developer in 3 locations, simultaneously. Not a big deal, right? I mean, what could go wrong. More resources, more throughput.

Developing offerings in multiple locations poses problems I've never thought of before (as I'm new to this I'm sure it's been discussed ad naseum).

--When you deal with 3 different timezones, communication is a factor.
--Dependencies on projects are problematic on tight deadlines
--Dependencies need to flow logically into timezones with proper review in order to reduce empty development cycles
--Communication in multiple languages can cause unnecessary concerns

Things I'm learning:

--Rely on others and follow up for results, regularly
--Restate information and document information in publicly viewable venues
--Speak slowly
--Be patient
--Knowledge is critical but wisdom (knowledge through experience) trumps all

What I like about my current role is leading great individuals on a worthy technical project. Having these individuals spread out on 3 continents just provides a project twist that adds dimension to the joy of global development. I just hope the end result of all of this is proof to management that I'm ready to take the next leap.
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