Monday, October 01, 2007

Good Run, Great Weekend

Had a really good run this morning but an even better weekend.

The run was fairly cool, a mere 77 degrees F. I left the house at 6am and spent the entire run in the dark which is always exhilarating for me. But what was nice about the run, aside from the solitude, was the energy I felt this morning. I didn't feel like I had to stop to catch me breath, which hasn't been the case since my return from Germany in August. It felt great.

The weekend was nice with 3 soccer games on Saturday, 2 of which were really well played. My oldest son's team finally won their first game of the season, 7 - 1 and my son scored. He hasn't put it through to the back of the net in a few seasons so this was really an exciting feat for him.

Our youngest son came up a little short in his game, only scoring 2 goals rather than his average hat trick 3. However, the 2 goals were scored in about 2 minutes of play in the 4th quarter after I played him in defense for the first 3/4 of the game. I'm trying to get to him experience new areas of play and help him to be more well rounded. The game ended in a tie, we think, but it was well played.

Our daughter's game started out strong giving our girls one of their first, if not first, goal of the season. Unfortunately the game didn't end as well and they took a 3 - 1 loss. Our daughter was also highly distracted by her hair which had come loose from her braids.

Yesterday's service was nice, but nothing spiritually moving for me. Maybe it was just me. Maybe my preparation wasn't as good as it should have been. Nevertheless, there were spiritual moments that were nice.

Last night I spent time visiting a family for whom I have responsibility to care for spiritually (it's called Home Teaching) and for the first time the wife, normally in the back room, participated fully in the lesson and visit. It felt great to know that maybe the visits are reaching her. I'm not sure what ails her but it has kept her away from most of the membership to the point most do not know who she is. To actually have socialized with her, and even taught her directly, was to me a great break through.

Lastly, the family spent some fun time together last night. We played a game, the kids backed cookies (chocolate chip and no-bakes) and we had a tickle fest. The end of the evening was spent reading and fall asleep to a good book.

Great weekend. Re-charged my batteries. Ready for a full work-week.
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