Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Shares Day w/Snow

What do you get when you cross turkey with snow? Snurkey? Turkow? Well, today we had just that. The ole Turkey Day festivities were upstaged by a freak snow storm here in northern Texas. My oldest son, in yearly fashion as usual, struts in to declare that it's snowing. It reminded me of my days in high school when we'd yell (most of the time just to throw off our Spanish teacher), "esta nevando!" But as we peered out of the window into our friend's yard, sure enough, little white flakes were sporadically lilting their way down the sky and gracefully melting on the warm ground. Before long, the tiny flakes turned into half dollar sized flakes and were coming down in droves. The turkey was forgotten and the snow created a magical experience for which we were sincerely grateful. Nice touch to start the holidays. Thanks!
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