Monday, December 24, 2007

Family Christmas Prayer

I couldn't help but notice in my review of referrals to this blog that over the last week there have been several search responses to the google search "family christmas prayer." I had written an entry entitled "Christmas Prayer: Family and Giving" and it has been a big entry point for the blog.

What I find curious, however, is that people were searching not for a story of faith or a wish of good will, but a temple for a prayer to recite during a family Christmas moment.

The Internet, and even Google, are highly useful tools, but when it comes to prayers of the heart the best tool available is your own soul. You don't need to mimic some fluffy prayer that someone else has previously either written or recited. You don't need the pomp of someone else's well drafted benedictus.

In order to deliver a well purposed, heart felt prayer on behalf of your family to the God that hears and answers all sincere prayers, you merely must humble yourselves, pray in Christ's name, and ask the Creator of all for the desires of your heart. No fancy words or complex thoughts are necessary. The best prayer is the one offered in humility and often brevity.

Remember 4 points of prayer offering:
  • Address the Father

  • Be grateful and full of thanksgiving

  • Ask for what is needful

  • Close of Christ's name

  • You can't go wrong with this established pattern of prayer, no matter it be for a special family christmas prayer or a daily personal prayer. Just make it sincere and humble and the Lord will do the rest.
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