Thursday, December 06, 2007

Prayers for the Larson Family

I'm sitting here writing this entry (yes it's 2 AM and I'm still wound up) in tears as I just read an entry from a woman in my ward regarding her son Payton and his battle with cancer. I've had her blog linked in to mine off to the right bar for quite some time as a reminder to myself to check on them and see how the progress is coming along.

Why am I in tears? In one of her most recent entries, she describes what they're going through right now and she also quotes something that sums up what parents of cancer kids go through. What an eye opener. I had no idea.

Ever since we found out that Payton was diagnosed with cancer, our family has ceaselessly prayed for the Larson family. Even our youngest who is barely 4 consistently prays for him with every prayer. It's truly a miracle to see the strength that comes through these prayers?

What is it about prayer to God that brings relief to those in need? Why do petitions in mass produce results? Does God need a threshold of individuals asking for relief before He'll relent? I don't have the answers to these questions but I can speak from experience that it works. There is something about constant asking and by many individuals that brings results. As does understanding His will.

In the same post she talks of a family that is struggling even more than hers. To me it all seems miraculous that they're functioning at all yet she delineates degrees of grief and suffering beyond what I can comprehend. She has asked that we pray for this family. I would offer this same request to anyone that reads this. Pray for the Larson family, especially Payton and pray for their friend's son Julian. Numbers can help and the Lord will not let these prayers go unanswered if done in faith.
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