Friday, January 25, 2008

Grateful for Work

Sometimes I don't express my gratitude for having such a great job. I think I even take for granted all of the blessings it affords us. There are even days that I wonder, "what am I really doing and is it worth it?" But then I have a week like this week and I become renewed in my desire to perform better, to work harder and overall be more grateful for my job.

This week I was thrown in a migration effort of converting legacy code, but in Java and features in C to a new architecture. The project has been going on for a year and a half and there are some patterns and standards that are already in place so no new design is necessarily incumbent of me to provide but my role is deliver timely implementations and leadership through example.

It is fulfilling to work on a project with others in my office. After working for 7 months on an inter-continental project where others are accommodating me by speaking English but have sharp divisions in design and implementation philosophies, it's nice to be able to counsel with people face to face.

Another blessing I find especially poignant, and especially today, is that of telecommuting. Today the weather was supposed to turn nasty with freezing rain that will make traffic a mess. While it hasn't dumped on us, many from our office have written in that we'll be working from home. I love the fact that I can work from home at will and be just as or even more effective and efficient.

Today, I am grateful for a job, a career and the many blessings it affords our family. May the job continue and the market be prosperous enough to need our services.
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