Monday, January 14, 2008

Healthy Workout: Rehab On-going

It's been a year almost to the date of my surgery on my left knee and I'm no where near where I desire to be, physically. I'm getting closer but it seems that just when my exercise routine is just that, routine, something impedes my progression and I backslide. The latest bout of sickness, bronchitis, seemed to kick not only my cardio but my knee severely weakened causing me to go back to beginning exercise to build back the muscle.

This morning I got back into the step routine and clocked in a leisurely 9:45 minutes for 600 step ups. Not a great pace but certainly well under the necessary 12 minutes maximum. The thing about this morning's steps that felt great was I pushed myself not in the speed but in how hard I forced my step up. I tried to elevate well beyond just the step, thus causing a great flex/impact to the muscles. It felt great.

Where do I want to be in the next 6 months? I want to be healthy and strong enough to pivot without fear on the soccer pitch. I want to be able to run a half marathon without wondering if my knee can take it. I want to be able to walk and do steps without think and concentrating on each step. And when the cold comes back in a year I don't want to think about achy joints. I'm too young to worry about that :)

What do I appreciate today? I sincerely appreciate a body that allows me to function, play with my family, enjoy a personal, just-for-me activity where I can compete and contribute. But most of all, today I'm thankful for life and the gift that each day brings to me. So life, bring it on!
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