Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Iron Rod Lesson Successful

Do you ever wonder if you children are really getting the concepts you're teaching them? I do and I wonder at times whether we teach them enough. Having four kids under 12 and as young as four presents teaching challenges in group settings.

Last night we had our family home evening lesson on this week's Sunday School lesson study guide from the Book of Mormon: the vision of the Tree of Life. I found a very helpful pre-fab lesson that uses clipart and a game to re-inforce the concepts behind this beautiful vision and doctrine. It took a little longer than I had hoped to print out the lesson but the time was well worth it. I challenged the children to put together the vision by assigning each child 3 or 4 cut outs and to piece the scene together like a puzzle. To my surprise, they all did quite well, even our youngest. The game reinforced the idea of obedience and endurance by giving True/False questions and situations that either advance their child holding to the rod of iron or pushes them backwards (in the kingdom there is no standing still). The questions were applicable and age appropriate.

What I loved the most about the lesson was the time it gave the family to talk through things and to interact. Often times our lessons are more instructional and less observational or interactive. How do you determine whether your child really gets the concept? Challenge them in the situation by asking, role playing and talking some more.

What successful lessons have you taught your children and by what approach was it successful?
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