Thursday, January 10, 2008

Secret Blogging Crush...Giveaway

Ever have a secret crush? You know, the kind that you just don't share and no one would suspect that you have it? Well, I'm not confessing publicly that I do indeed have just that, a secret crush. You may reading this and thinking, "Who could it possibly be?" Well...

It's one of my blog commenters. I'm deeply obsessed with everything about her (sorry J). From her comments I can just sense what she smells like, what she likes and dislikes, even how she restlessly sleeps at night. I dream about being with her (no, this is not reflective of my dream about a voracious man-eating bear last night) and long to have more comments from her.

Here's the trick. How do I publicly announce this amorous feeling, insatiable desire, even obsessive longing that I'm experiencing? Well, in following with the tradition of some of my fellow blogging buddies, I've decided to create my own form of a blog-commenting giveaway. Here's the skinny...

Comment on the blog. If you can guess which commenter has captured my attention and gripped it like a mountain climber hanging from a deathly precipice, then I'll oblige and declare my secret crush and award the crushee with a satisfying kiss! Want to participate? Just comment.
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