Friday, March 07, 2008

Goodbye Lucky: Truest Friend

Yesterday was a pretty difficult and emotional day for me personally and our whole family. Who knew that a rescue pup (we got him from the pound in Utah Valley 8 years ago) that was jumping 3 feet in the air with excitement at the prospect of making it out of the pound would capture the heart of his earthly/human family? Lucky, through his mischievous nature and constant loyalty was the a joy to have in our family and love with all of our hearts.

Transitioning a pet from this life to the next was an interesting experience for me. On the seemingly long drive to the vet, I noticed as we left our neighborhood the beautiful trees coming into spring bloom and the newly planted petunias in the flower beds contrasted with the ominous black skies that signaled winter would not yet relent and would later bring us rain then snow. I opined that this contrast, in all of it's irony, foreshadowed the coming events of the old/the dying friend, Lucky, and his new birth into the next life. What a sweet reminder that life does not end but merely changes from one form into another.

Lucky was a true friend in every sense. He protected our family from individuals that seemed harmful, whether it was the case or not, with his husky bark and growl. Truth is, he never would have done more than licked the perp to death but the threat was enough. He slept by our sides from day one (on the floor on his bed of course). He went camping with us and was patient through the lack of walks and some exciting runs. He went sledding with us, swimming and loved to be around us at all times.

My wife has pointed out that he has been her constant shadow for 8 years. She must feel a bit like Peter Pan in searching for her beloved shadow. If she starts to cry I'll have seen it before in that beloved movie, yet I'll not be able to be her Wendy and help to retrieve and sew on the missing, cherished friend.

Tears and words cannot express the deep sorrow I feel at the loss of this friend but neither can those express my eternal gratitude for such a wonderful 8 years of friendship.

Lucky, you'll be sorely missed. Rest easy friend!
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