Monday, March 10, 2008

Laid Back Weekend: So Wii Thought

As our games were canceled due to snow on Thursday that pretty much disabled the fields, we decided to relax a bit over the weekend (well, at least on Saturday). We arose fairly early and plowed through the morning chores and my wife and I then set out to conquer the shopping as she is gone for the next 3 days on 4th grade camp and I'd be a mess trying to do work, cleaning, schooling, coaching, board membering, bishopric'ing, on top of shopping.

We arrived at Costco at about 9:30 with very few people in the store. Placed up front by the entrance were 3 pallets of Wii bundles, about 20 bundles per pallet. I eye'd the bundle and found it to be a deal and expressed this to my wife. At first she didn't take my interest as all that serious. But as we shopped a bit more, the topic came up again and she realized that I was indeed salivating. About half way through the shopping she suggested I go back and secure one (she was actually trying to get me to stop fretting as I was positive they'd be gone by the time we made it back to the entrance). I nearly sprinted to the front to find out there were 3 left...on the first of 3 pallets. I had secured our family's Wii, a commodity here in the US.

We had even gone so far as to call the kids and let them know that it would be in there best interested to complete the washing of the dirty dishes as something very exciting would be coming home for them. We didn't dare tell them what but they were hooked into the intrigue like a fish on a barb.

Then the troubles began. When we went to check out, my wife informed me that our debit card may not allow the additional expense to be put through as it has been known to choke on larger purchases before. She had not brought her check book and I didn't want to apply for the AMEX card there in the store. Sure enough, the debit card rejected the purchase (why do price clubs only allow debit cards and not full credit cards? ) so the clerk kindly took our Wii and put it back out with the other shrinking stock. I felt dejected :(

But there was still hope. I recalled that I had just the night before seen a Wii displayed at the GameStop near our home so I suggested we stop by there before heading home. But before we could stop at the gaming store, we had some shopping to do at Home Depot (I need to rebuild our wind-damaged gate). When we arrived at GameStop the cocky assistant manager nearly laughed her head off when I asked to purchase one of the Wii's displayed in the store. It was merely a display box and they were out. Her in-your-face attitude reminded of the scene from "Jingle All the Way" when Arnold asks the clerks about the Turbo Man doll and they laugh him to scorn as it was "only the hottest toy since Elmo, duh!"

Uh-oh! We had built it up for the kids. With our tails between our legs we sulked back home and started to unload our morning trove from the back of the truck. My wife must have sensed my obvious display of despair as she offered to head back to Costco to see if they had any left. Knowing it was a good 25 minute drive one-way, I first called the store to see if any were still left in stock and if there were could they hold one for us. I was informed that 5 were indeed left and that it was store policy that they could not put any on hold, even though we had been jilted by the debit card and had all intentions of purchasing one just 90 minutes prior.

At this point I threw in the towel and declared defeat. But my wife would not let me fail. She drove back to Costco and retrieved one of the last 3 remaining Wii's. Our kids were ecstatic when they found out this was the surprise.

The remainder of the early afternoon was spent assembling part of the gate and I let the suspense eat at the kids. Exhaustion gave way to my own desire to try out the new console so I began setting up the unit in the late afternoon prior to our departure for a Stake Youth Dance. We got in a few good rounds of Mario Bro. Olympics, tennis, boxing (undefeated am I) and some other games. Sure was fun to see the kids looks when they got their treat.

So while we had much to occupy our time, Wii had a most delightful time as a family. And isn't that what it's all about?
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