Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Need Spiritual Specs to Find Glasses

I think I've written about similar events where prayer has opened my eyes, or those around me, to the help God would place in front of us. This last weekend on a Boy Scout campout the Lord showed His mercy and power once more but in a more interesting twist.

As is tradition with our unit, we spent the evening playing capture the flag by moonlight (half moon) at the site location. As we were camping in the Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) Grasslands, you can imagine the grass was quite high, nearly 3 feet tall. This made for some great hiding spots with a narrow gravel road providing the only clear cut area to navigate sides and assure a flat running surface.

As the game was deadlocked at 2-2, the pressure was on both teams to be a bit more aggressive. The other team's offensive player suddenly slunked back to defense which made our offensive rally a bit challenging (he is extremely fast). Our scoutmaster took a lunge towards the flag and the defensive player took his bolt for force, matching his strength and knocking him down. Not a biggy, except for when he reached up to feel his cut face just under his eye he realized his glasses were now not on his head.

If you have ever lost your glasses it can be an anxious moment (especially if you're lost) but usually you can bend down and pick them up with little time wasted. But imagine the scene: half moon darkness, grass 3 feet tall and no clue as to what direction or how far the glasses flew when they were knocked off. What would you do?

We gathered up the flashlights and camp light and began our willy nilly search. The first 10 minutes of searching was very careful and unorganized. The next 5 minutes we lined up and did a sweep of the affected area, getting down on our hands and knees (yes, even among the cow pies and fire ants).

The EOY scout leader suggested, quietly, to me that we likely should exercise a little faith and pray for some help. Just at the same moment, my oldest son declared to everyone that we needed to pray. Love it when he vocalizes what the rest of us were thinking or hesitant to suggest. He asked the Lord in fervent and sincere prayer to help the glasses to be found. Not 3 minutes had passed by before the scoutmaster's oldest son bent down where he was standing and picked up the specs from the very same location we had searched 5 or 6 times.

With rejoicing at the lost specs, the scoutmaster remembered to thank the Lord and called on a volunteer for the prayer of praise for this help. I suggested that the one who most benefited from the find should offer the prayer. With some humility at the comment he offered the prayer of thanksgiving the we ended our evening on a great spiritual high.

This experience reminds me of the parable of the Lost Coin and can be related to things of the spirit. The Lord relates the temporally lost coin to the lost soul that we must search after. When we put the Lord's spiritual specs on, He helps us to find those that are lost, spiritually so that we may reach out and help save them from the blinding sins and temptations of this life.

What I continue to be reaffirmed in my faith is the myriad of experiences the Lord has to provide for us in order to learn the simple truths of faith, swallowing our will in His, and obedience. He is there for us and reaches out his Holy Hands to us if we would just embrace Him and live with Him. It's up to us.

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