Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Poll Finds 75% of Americans Have Pessimistic Outlook on U.S.

Yep, 75% of Americans thinks things are going badly in the U.S. 2/3 are scared, and 3/4 are stressed out according to a poll by CNN/Opinion Research Corp. Colbert mocked that the other 25% just must not have picked up their phone during the poll because their service was shut off.

Jokes aside, times are more difficult and everyone is feeling the squeeze. From higher gas prices (yes, they've quelled a bit in the last few weeks), higher food costs, fewer jobs and more being cut daily, home mortgages that are too large and cost of living increasing whilst raises are far and few between. With corruption in the financial sectors, a government that seems to be knee jerk reacting that that proactively and defensively orchestrating change in a non-partisan fashion (though when has that really ever occurred?), a war that just doesn't seem to have an end in sight and a political race for the nation's top seat of power that has many people doubting much good will come from the result, is it any real surprise that the people are stressed, scared and generally look to the future with pessimistic lens rather than rose color glasses.

Admittedly, I'm a bit stressed myself. I have a hefty mortgage, 4 kids to feed and clothe, a job that is impacted directly by oil (travel industry) and little savings. Stress is something I deal with, for good or bad, daily. But do I need to stress?

What the poll fails to address is whether the polled individuals see a light at the end of the tunnel and how they perceive the future of the nation. It is my personal opinion (and I would have given it had they called ;) ) that there is a bright future for all of us. It may be after the dust settles from a deep recession or, dare I say it, a global depression, but there is hope and I hold to it. That hope rests in a personal conviction in God, His love for His children, and a better way of living according to His Word. How stressed do I need to be over temporal shifts in the economy, over things of this world so long as my path is clear before me and my road to Christ and His kingdom is sure?

Americans, wake up. No, repent! Get off your lazy backside, work, re-evaluate and align yourself on the Lord's side. He is the ultimate answer, the ultimate goal. That's where my hope rests and when my trust is in something perfect, why would I desire something more or stress over everything less?

Which side of the poll are you on?
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