Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blizzards Break Over Plains: North Texas Just Chillin'

In South Dakota and other plain states, the season's first major blizzard is pounding with whiteouts and wind gusts up to 8mph. It's so difficult to imagine that here we are in November already and areas of the country are being inundated by winter weather.

Here in North Texas we're just chillin' (not temp-wise) with warm weather and lovin' the late season warmth. With 70's in the outlook, I personally am enjoying cooler 5am runs and warm evening soccer workouts with the teams.

I've smelled the familiar and enjoyable scent of wood being burned from the smattering of fireplaces (it could be wood burning grills for all I know) and while I look forward to the winter season and the coziness of the chilled weather, I must admit the warmth suits me fine.

Whiteout it may be in the plains, but this southern resident will take the heat of late fall any day!
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