Monday, November 03, 2008

Life is Beautiful: Thanks Mom For Sacrificing

No, it's not Mother's Day, but I do want to express gratitude to my mother for sticking through the mourning sickness and choosing to bring me into this world when the odds were against a healthy birth. Those that know my family know my sister was blessed with birth defects that others chose to define her as different. The effects initially, I believe, on my parents were devastating as the doctors recommended restricting their family to just the 2 children. Had they followed that guidance, questioning whether there really was a 25% chance the next would be born limbless, I would not have made it into this world and into my family.

Today I celebrate 35 years of life. I've been blessed with not only full use of my limbs (all 4), but a good intellect (yes, some of you may question that statement), a spiritual power in Christ, a tremendously supportive family and a gorgeous wife (the gorgeous part transcends just the physical superlative of her character).

Thanks for the well wishes on this day and thanks Mom for not giving up and bringing me into this world!
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