Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winds of Change Keep on Blowin'

I've heard many people state that there are two constants in life: Death and Taxes. I'd like to add a third constant: Change. It's undeniable. Something in life will change. Whether it's your attitude, financial circumstances, spiritual insight, family (through death and taxes), or even the little flutter of butterfly wings, change is a constant.

For the Hanson family here in Texas, change was evident this week. The wintry cold turned the landscape from blooming roses in my backyard (yes, they were still blooming their pretty pink), to leaves gracing the ground of a local park (hopefully I'll have some professional pictures to share of this soon). The cold winds which we nearly cursed last weekend during our final regular season soccer matches persisted through much of the week and drew out winter hats, gloves and coats on all outdoor adventurers. The fall soccer season has drawn to a close and not necessarily with a successful ending as our teams finished lower in their respective divisions than we'd hoped and trained for. But the principle of change is next season the outcome will be different.

As winter lowers our home temperature a bit, and being fiscally minded we accept and embrace the cold with heavier blankets, pj's, cozy socks and more snuggling, change becomes evident in our hearts as we look outside our comfort zone and look to help others. Hopefully tomorrow's FHE will manifest this change as we attempt to serve our community. More on that later.

Finally, personal change is ever required. Whether it is evaluating personal growth in career, education or spiritual development, change is something we must accept and encourage. Hopefully it's for the proactive rather than reactive style of change.

As I look at the changes evident in my life, I turn my thanks to God for giving me the strength and courage to embrace change rather than fear it. He also gives me insight on how to effect change for the betterment of my family and for that I'm also appreciative.

What changes will you embrace today, this week, this year and in your life?
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