Friday, December 26, 2008

How Did Christ Come into Your Heart this Season?

While on my run this morning, I happened upon a park bench at the half way point of my run (and a great place for a break). On the bench was an inscription which read "Jesus is coming 2008" along with some additional quotes from the Bible about Jesus unlocking your heart. While I normally wouldn't have found this terribly fascinating, this morning the scribble caught my attention and caused me to reflect upon how Jesus has come into my heart.

With so many changes that have occurred over the last month, its probably shocking that I took time to reflect upon the goodness and mercy of my Savior and King. But in the midst of turmoil would you say it's easier to contemplate your relationship with the One that provides relief from stress and comfort during tumultuous times? Regardless of what the event or circumstance, it is the individual responsibility of the believer to open their own heart and invite Christ in. That's how it is for me. When I'm more prayerful, more mindful of His creations and Divinity, I tend to open my heart more to His influence. When I get caught up in selfish desires, bah hum bugs, and such nonsense, my heart is heavy, my mind is burdened and I find myself distancing myself from Him.

This morning on the run, prior to seeing the park bench, the stormy clouds that swiftly cut their way across our North Texas sky suddenly parted. The dark grey, and rain threatening clouds, opened in a beautiful sun emitting hole. The rays of the sun shone down brilliantly and my heart and throat suddenly caught. Peace came over me and for a brief moment I could feel Jesus' love envelope me.

Christ can come into your heart in so many different ways and different times. How did Christ come into your heart this season?
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