Monday, December 29, 2008

Morning Workout Early but Satisfying

It's difficult to open the sleepy eyes, shock the system with cold air and get out of bed to turn off the 5AM alarm. Why would anyone, besides our seminary students, purposefully get out of bed this early just to run? Oddly enough, it's not too early for many runners, especially those that train for marathons. 5AM is probably late for many but for me, it's challenging enough and will prove to be so for the next few months.

As work has me in the office early and out late, controlling my stress levels is important and letting exercise take a back seat is not an option. While prayer and scripture study bolster my spiritual self, running is how I currently manage my physical and mental stress and working out later in the day isn't an option for me as I tend to completely forgo the good for lazy/life draining activities (A.K.A TV or some such nonsense). So early morning it is.

This morning kicked it off with an easy 5K+ run on the treadmill and a little upper body workout. Nothing too strenuous. The trick for me is pushing myself to keep running on such a boring apparatus. Watching a movie is much more fulfilling but cranking up the volume when everyone else is sleeping is just cruel. It's too cold outside for these Texas spoiled legs so outdoors running isn't a good option until around March. For now the treadmill it is. Maybe I'll have to just wake my family up as the runs get progressively longer and my will to just listen to music wanes.

How do you manage your stress? Exercise? Food? Reading? Meditation? Prayer?
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