Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Too Short, But Christmas is Almost Here

With a campout, a Christmas Party, a Christmas Choir program at Church and fireside tonight, my weekend wooshed away faster than you can say "Ho Ho Ho!" I tend to not take time to breath...ever. It's constantly go go go for me. But I enjoy life that way. And while it seems like I haven't rested or taken the time to refill my energy in time to start the work week again, I feel more revived than I have in a long time.

What excites me the most is Christmas is almost here. With just 11 days left until we officially celebrate, commemorate and memorialize Christ's birth, my joy for the season is starting to simmer. We receive a wonderful gift on our doorstep tonight from an unknown individual(s). With a door knock and slight delay the givers were gone in a flash leaving us to ponder who could have left the yummy goodies nicely packaged in a bright and shiny basket. Fun for us and I'm sure for them. And isn't that what Christmas is My inner soul was touched by the simple act of kindness.

For those that witnessed my spiritual/emotional meltdown today...don't worry; my joy overpowered my physical self and left me uncontrollably stuck in limbo between streaming tears and blubbering sobs. I honestly don't know that I can pinpoint exactly what the cause of my state of being was other than to say the words of the choir songs, when first sung this afternoon during rehearsal, touch my soul so deeply that I was overcome, for hours. What a beautiful feeling of peace and love (while somewhat unmanly and to some likely embarrassing) I experienced and to say that this season has no bearing on that experience was be to deny my own existence.

So while the weekend may have been short, I feel like I'm more ready to face the up coming work week than I have for quite some time. Bring it on!
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