Thursday, January 22, 2009

Checks & Balances: This is NOT a Financial Post

While family finances are critical and should never take a back seat to fun, this post is NOT about banking. Just as the US Gov has checks and balances as an integral and necessary part of the republic, a family would be well advised to likewise have it's own set of governing doctrines. A mom and dad are critical to the success of a family. Having God be the 3rd member in that relationship strengthens the union and provides the proper check to the family.

You can think of the relationship like a 3 legged stool with mom, dad and God as each firm leg holding the rest of wobbly family up. If you take a leg away, the stool teeters and will always topple.

I was reminded of how life can unbalance a relationship last night when arriving late to the home from a very long work day with a lot of pressure and my family temporarily out of the house, I commenced to interview an employment candidate. My wife arrived home with my two daughters (sons were at the church for scouts) and my interview continued on. After a few moments of this and after at least one attempt from each of my girls to get my attention (I was on the iPhone with headset in the ears), my wife lovingly gets my attention and politely, yet sternly, reminds me that I'm home and my girls want time with their "Daddy." That one balancing request was all it took. My heart was humbled, my spirit broke, my conversation ended within seconds and it was daddy time with the girls. The rest of their waking evening was spent cuddling on the couch with me while I read them a few stories. Thoroughly enjoyable.

With one balanced, and well placed spiritual nudge, my wife was able to correct the lopsided deficiency and set our balanced family back in order. Not to say that time will not afford renewed checks (and it was no where near a full body hockey check either), but I believe we have our foundation centered properly.

How do you achieve harmony in your family?
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