Thursday, February 26, 2009

Have You Hugged Your Kid(s) Today?

Seems like a silly question, right? But honestly, when was the last time you hugged your kid(s)? Not some routine, skipping out the door on the way to work before they head to school type of hug. Not the, "night Johnny" as they head to bed. The type of affection I'm talking about is the kind that sneaks up on you. Completely random. No agenda.

I love these types of moments. I cherish them and desire more of them. I love it when one of my kids, especially my older ones, will just sidle up, especially in public, and simply bury their developing head into my chest and throw their arms around my waist. No particular reason. As they get older, it's more difficult to reverse the hug initiation as they're so consumed with whatever activity they're currently enthralled in. Moments of sincere affection are a gem.

Have you hugged your kid(s) today?

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