Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Son Called S-Word at School

Can you believe it? Yup, thank you public school. My wife informed me the other day that our youngest son, a 3rd grader, was called the "S-word." I asked her if she was sure and she said that he reported that someone called him the "S-word." I was shocked. Why would anyone call my son that? I asked her if she was sure. "Oh yes, I'm positive," was her response.

Later, our son overheard my banter about the word "stupid" and he spoke up saying, "Someone at school called me the S-word," to which I asked, "they called you 'stupid'" to which he affirmed that they did.

Thank goodness the "S-word" to our kids just means "stupid" and that "stupid" is a truly vulgar and unacceptable word in their vocabulary.
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