Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Let's Get it On...A Puppy Love Story

I learned a very valuable lesson today about my puppy: humans are not that far removed from other species regarding love and relationships. From first sight to sealing the deal, dogs share some common behaviors with us. Abby, with her stud Ajax, helped me understand the love progression through the following (NOTE: NOT INTENDED FIR YOUNGER READERS):

1) Love at first sight isn't for everyone. Sometimes a little warming up is necessary and circling your mate along with standing nervously stiff while your mate returns the favor can help break tension.

2) Baring your teeth doesn't always draw your love closer but displaying opposite emotions can be intriguing. Try showing teeth, but in the kind manner.

3) Play hard to get just enough to drive your mate crazy but not enough to drive them away. Keep them at a slight distance but allow them in close enough to nuzzle.

4) A bath or dip in the pool is enough to drive any love crazy. It's also enough to loosen you up. Just don't be too possessive of the water and let your mate soak a bit too.

5) When the time is right go for it. Of course having a bit of privacy is also grand, especially under the trampoline :)

6) Lastly, sleep it off in a nice air conditioned home while your mate spends the night in the grueling heat or in the doghouse. They'll appreciate the next experience that much more.

Hopefully day 2 for mating will be just as enjoyable for Abby and we'll have a few (8 to 15) labs in a couple of months.

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