Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Whirlwind Month and Not Quite Done Yet...

Those of you that know my family will appreciate our desire to just chill and take it easy for a while. Our mantra the last few years seems to be "cram in as much as possible in as little time available." This last month was no different.

From a nice Memorial Day weekend getaway to Nauvoo to a very long road trip to WA, we've been traveling and traveling still. In the last month we've driven over 120 hrs along 6000+ miles of America roadway. We've traveled through 11 different states. We've participated in funerals, memorials, scout camps, training, work related visits and have thoroughly enjoyed each other's company.

For a couple of days, my family is separated from me which throws everything off for me. I'll join them again over the weekend and then separate for a few more days. Beyond that, Lord willing, no additional tragedies or emergencies will occur and we'll spend the rest of the summer pool side or in the comfort of our air conditioned TX home.

I do want to express with as much gratitude as I can muster through words, my sincerest appreciation for all of the well-wishes and prayers we've received over the last month. Having friends, both in the real world and in the blogosphere/twittersphere, express support to us has been incredibly supportive and helpful.

As the whirlwind of travel will soon dissipate, I lastly thank my dearest friend and wife for her constant nurturing care and patience through all of the insanity. Hang in there and see you tomorrow!

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