Friday, September 18, 2009

Recognizing Beauty and the Capture

may2009 171Recognizing beauty, whether delivered directly by the Creator's hand or inspired and achieved through learning and technology, is truly and art that requires time, patience and an open eye and heart. Everyone is capable of this recognition but few are so keenly adept enough to express it cognitively. When I see a beautiful piece of art I wonder what inspired the rendering. Was the masterpiece unfolded in one brilliant epiphany or did the scene unfold to the master's witness over time? Are truly gifted artisans quick to perfect a scene or patient enough to capture the moment over time?

On a business trip last spring I had the rare opportunity to fly in early and spend the afternoon touring through San Francisco and other Bay area cities. On a bicycle excursion across the Golden Gate Bridge I stopped just before entering the exciting traversal and recognized the capturing of beauty by a local artist. With additional renderings littered around his pinnacle viewing studio, the man in the cap looked to finishing a warm spring (was in the 90s) afternoon. The romance between the bridge and the artist was evident and capturing it's glistening and sun kissed towers and suspender ropes was not a task but an intimate act of passion. Each brush stroke represented the sublime caress of the master's hand on the subject vicariously showing affection for the subject.

In this world of self absorption and immediate gratification, it's refreshing to see a gifted and talented individual recognize beauty and capture it's essence for all to enjoy. What beauty have you recognized recently and did you capture the moment hurriedly or momentously for all to enjoy?

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