Monday, November 30, 2009

Is Your Dog Quirky?

Picture 008Is your dog quirky? Just how quirky? Here are a few normaclies our dog exhibits but at one end of the behavior chart may seem a little odd.

Does your dog growl? Incessantly? Bark at the strangest movements? Hear a dog in the neighborhood and have to bark back?

Picture 464Ours does. She also likely suffers from...well, fickleness if that's a disease. As we don't have a doggie door (too big of a security issue with a lab), she's been patterned to scratch lightly at the door (interior or exterior) when she wants to come and go. Works pretty well as it's easy for her to communicate with the family and since we have 4 kids the rotation line is pretty long. Except for one slight, "quirky" flaw: she scratches, at times, at a rate of 10 times/min and while she's just left she's ready to come back in only to scratch her way out again. IMG_0686Dusk and dawn are the worst for her (something about the moon phases maybe) as she's constantly on the scratch, as it were.

IMG_0693Aside from this behavior, she's really pretty normal. A scratching spot on her side that makes her eyes glass over, her head cock to one side and her hind leg scratch at her belly. Just normal dog stuff.

Does your dog have any crazy behaviors? If not, check this video out for some ideas (or just a good laugh). The video is probably really old but I nearly wet myself watching it today :)

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