Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beautiful Spring Texas Sunday: A Blessing from God

I adore my family and it's so fun to hear the kids say things like, "let's take a walk today." It shows a couple of things: they want to spend time with each other, they recognize the beauty that God has blessed them with a favorable day, and they recognize that Sundays are meant for families and worshipping the Lord.

Today is just such a day. The weather is perfect; devoid of spring bluster, which can be pretty intense here in TX. We've attended church already and were spiritually fed. I've got some priestly duties to attend to by visiting a family I'm charged with their spiritual care. Other meetings are on the horizon. Yet the kids see time as a commodity to be spent together, enjoying God's creations, the calm/stillness of a gentle breeze and the mild spring sun kisses that are gracing us this day.

I cannot think of many other ways I'd rather spend my Sabbath. And certainly spending it with my dear children in memory building, worshipful, peaceful ways is a blessing from God!
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