Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

My heart is full from a wonderful Christmas season spent with family and friends. We've been blessed to participate in concerts, parties and joyous family events that have helped me personally draw closer to the Savior for whom we celebrate this holy day.  Despite all of the packages, presents, commercialization of what is one of the most celebrated day in Christendom, I'm grateful the meaning of the day was not lost on me. 

I received a special phone call today from my mother which sums up how I feel about Christmas. Concerned with a present I made, ordered and had sent to her, I let her know it would probably arrive a day late but to look forward to something personal. The photo book arrived last night just before she left for Christmas dinner at my brother's place. She called to tell me thank you and express how a personal touch was truly appreciated. 

In speaking with several of my wonderfully crazy and loving friends at today's annual Christmas dinner party (oh how I love these events), the gifts that stood out as the best had some personal touch. Whether it was handcrafted or just more thoughtful and original in the purchase, an expression of love was the most cherished of gifts. 

For me, the best gift I received today was from my son. It came in the form of a handwritten card that brought me to tears. The expression of love hit me on many levels and for various reasons. What set it apart from other gifts was the meaning and personal expression of love along with his courage and conviction in writing the note. I love that he modeled his gift after the ultimate gift our Savior offers to all of us: LOVE. 

While the pictures below represent a smattering of the joy felt this season, at the root of all of these pictures is love; love that God has blessed me with and continues to give me each day, love I receive from my family and friends, love I hope to emulate and give freely and ultimately love Jesus offers me. 

Merry Christmas!

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