Thursday, February 06, 2014

Oh the Drama that is the Olympics

Break away with me as we explore the diversity of athletic prowess on display every four years.
 Athletes from nations great and small all putting on a show of might and power.
  But the show is far greater than a mere test of strength or flourish of style.
   Each being is driven, yearning, destined for greatness.
    Backed by their respective country's pride, the drama unfolds on a world stage.
     Each competitor steps forward to be judged.
      Nerves boil and bubble until a performance is wielded.
       The tears of the defeated spoil years of preparation.
       While the cries of the jubilant reign joy upon the victors.
      Fears allayed, performances sealed in the halls of history's archive.
     The lone participant feels the satisfaction of having been judged at all.
    Returning home to live out their days in fame or obscurity,
   With the yearning for greatness still fresh in their blood.
  A greater sense of what took place in the greatest performance of their life.
 No matter the outcome, a national hero was born and treasured,
As we sit back and enjoy the colorful Winter Olympic games of Sochi 2014.

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