Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Keep Looking Up

A local radio station ends their broadcast with the following line: "Keep looking up cause that's where it all is." I've often wondered what their intention or meaning of the phrase could be and I've always settled on a personal interpretation. Look to God for He is the great I Am and holds all keys to our joy and happiness.

As I write this post the phrase has entered my mind again but for a different reason. I'm now traveling high above the stormy clouds below en route to Kansas City, MO. . As we awaited to ascend into the upper atmosphere, I beheld the overcast gloom that had descended upon DFW and felt a bit melancholy. I'm not a skeptic or worry wart but admittedly when I travel I become overly concerned with those I may leave behind in the event disaster strikes. But as our plane rise above the mist and became enveloped by the clear skies, my heart leapt for joy and I was gladdened.

To see the earth, the air and the wonders of God's creations from a more celestial view adds perspective to my life. Daily grinds of task driven deadlines, phone calls that must be made, e-mails that need to be answered and all of the other frivolous items we burden ourselves with detract from our ability to feel God's love. Having an experience to reflect upon His goodness and graciously accept His live into my life is literally elevating.

Today while I travel I will keep in mind the Lord's purpose for me and that is to have joy. Having experienced this witness at a height that us almost incomprehensible hits home that much more and for that I thank the Almighty Lord, even Jesus Christ.
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