Thursday, November 28, 2013

Craziest Thanksgiving Ever - So Grateful

It's been a pretty crazy year and the insanity doesn't seem to be ebbing one iota. Something has awakened in me that makes me want to enjoy life more fully, not just watch others live it. I'm sure anyone that knows me is thinking, "Heh, mid-life crisis," since I just turned 40 this month. That could be part of it but I don't really feel like my life is in crisis mode...yet. As a software developer its easy to get into the mode of tucking yourself away, locked in a cubicle, working for a corporation, and speaking with few people as you bring home the pay. I'm not saying I've ever ascribed my life to that path as I feel like I am a fairly healthy social being, enjoy exercise (somewhat) and have a few passions that keep me more than a little busy. But the humdrum of daily life in a career can pervade into more than you realize if not kept in check. I feel like that's where life was going.

That is until this summer. We spent the most epic vacation with our dearest friends and our lives will never be the same. We laugh together, spend way too much time (but gratefully we enjoy it) txt'ing and on social media, get together almost weekly and have entered into a never ending game of Truth-or-Dare that is more just a game of Dare.

Recently I wrote a new, really random, game customized for the Waldens' family road trip to St. George which was full of dares. I'll reserve the pics and videos until I gain full permission to use them, but sufficeth to say I laughed pretty hard at their antics derived from my game.

In the same vein of hilarity and zero reasonableness, I was dared to follow through with a dare I personally came up with but had intended on not doing - since I came up with it. How can you feel good about daring someone else to do what they conceived? Isn't that like dare copyright infringement? Well, the dare was issued and here's the outcome.

yes, you read that right, "Dan Rulz!"

#nodareleftundone is the tag line of
the #thegoonproject
I think this makes me a Senior Goon. Notice the red
on my right shoulder where Rebecca had to
redo the last 3 letters she originally transposed
Cory Vanderpool, Me and Austin
at the start of the race, front of
the line

Post race - everybody kept calling
me "Dan"

All through the race I was greeted with plenty of incredulous looks, hand waves from the race helpers and a lot of "Go Dan!!!" shouts from other runners. At the end of the race I had a man join me to talk about my pace and run me in to the end. We was an iron man finisher at 51 and definitely knew his stuff. At the finish line, he turned to me, shook my hand for a great finish and said, "Nicely done Dan!"

Jaden, me and Austin post-race - completely numb
Cory smoked me but I still had a PR
Jaden losing his cookies, post-race
Me, Ben Booze, Austin and Jaden - Pre Race

But the fun doesn't stop here. Austin and Jaden spent a good portion of Tues building a "ramp" they "constructed" from scraps around the yard. Rather than listen to his parents, Austin was convinced that the ramp could hold his weight, hold the thrust of the bike moving forward and upward and the landing ramp would likewise hold him on the descent.

Let's see just how well that worked.


The rest of the day will likely be pretty calm, certainly safer, full of good yummies to eat thanks to my lovely and gracious chef of a wife and our up and coming chef helper daughter Savannah topped of with time enjoyed together as a family. We'll likely continue the festivities with some games, more laughing and more memories. But for me, the Thanksgiving will definitely live in infamy as the craziest Thanksgiving ever!

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