Monday, March 03, 2014

Dad's Obituary - A Difficult Write Up

Yesterday during church I received a call from my mom with a request that at first seemed easy. It had a tight deadline which added to the pressure but I felt confident I could handle it. She wanted me to write Dad's obituary that would be published online only. There were no limitations of space or content, just constraint on time as it needed to be published today. 

I came home from church with the full expectation of diving into the task but the more I thought on the project the more I dreaded to begin. I got caught in writers paralysis and I avoided even calling Mom for additional details. I was quickly realizing that the write up needed to be factual and less editorial and something about it had me seized, stymied and reluctant to engage. 

I woke this morning with the resolve to write my dad the best possible summary to his life that was possible. The reality is no words can adequately summarize a life well spent or otherwise. It is all conjecture and perception and no two witnesses of a life will come to the same conclusion. 

Sending it out for edits I quickly became aware that feelings about how the article would be written and read would vary and post mortem interpretations are tricky. Regardless, the article has been published and I feel satisfied Dad was well represented. 

The mortuary that published the obituary was very kind and helped gratify my need for praise and appreciation. "This is one of the nicest obituaries I have ever seen!!"

If you'd like to read a little more about Dad, check out the write up here:

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