Monday, April 28, 2014

Be in the Moment

Do you ever look back over a week, a month, a year and realize life has flown past? I feel like that at times and looking at the last time I actually posted something from the blog was a month ago (not including the auto Instagram feed). What's been going on during that month? Well, aside from a ton of soccer, both Jaden and Savannah's recreation teams and Jaden's middle school team (yep, he made it again but this time only a single team rather than two like last year), seminary which always consumes a large amount of time, and running, I've been busy at book 2 in a 3 book series.

Around the first of April I finished the first draft of Equilibrium Exposed - Rending and I tried to walk away from writing for a little while, focusing on publishing my still untitled romance novel. But as the concept for Book 2 - Equilibrium Exposed - Resilient was begging me to write it, I just couldn't resist. I'm now fifteen chapters in, half of which was written this last week, and I'm beginning to wonder a few things.

  • What is it about writing that I enjoy?
  • If I publish the books and more to yet be written, will anyone actually buy them?
  • Can I sell enough to buy a wake boarding boat for my wife, family and friends to enjoy the summer while I slave away at work and join them for a few turns in the evening?

In the meantime, I've thoroughly enjoyed the journey of writing. There is something so expressive, so liberating and pleasurable in writing. Telling a tale as envisioned in my head is a journey through who I am. It allows me to express what I'm sometimes unable to articulate in the real world. Whether it be fear, timing, delivery, expectation, what have you, real world interactions are less than perfect and prone to error. Writing can be perfected, cleaned up, edited and carefully expressed.

Something that I've tried to do with the series is edit less. It's almost a vomit session of emotions and thoughts. I have a couple of collaborators that check the concepts, the continuity and overall feel of the book (no major edits yet) which keep me honest on the approach. But much of what is written is raw and delivered as though my thought were splashed upon the page. I have no idea whether it will be a successful approach but my wife enjoyed the first book in the series better than the romance, so that may indicate something positive.

But life is not all about hermitting myself away writing until crazy hours in the evening and trying to drag myself out of bed.  Other events still occur, including fun time with friends, church, challenges in an out of the family, work and personal interactions.

 As it's still fresh in my head, I'll relate some events from this past weekend that were noteworthy. Friday night I somehow wiggled my way into helping Dan on his backyard improvement plan but not before watching his kiddos while Lindsay was on a photo shoot. Rebecca had Jaden and Liesl over at their place most of the afternoon (early release for non-high school kids) and they just stayed to spend time with their kiddos while Rebecca and I swapped. As Rebecca had the privilege of driving Savannah and her escort to Savannah's high school banquet, I was left to my own boredom that evening and opted to work rather than waste away the evening. After staining and adding some additional prep work for benches to the newly built deck, we all took a nice hot tub dip before heading home early (well, early for Hanson's).

Saturday morning was spent serving at a local park for our church's service day. Picking up trash is not always how my kids like to spend their free time on a Saturday, but no one complained (possibly a Hanson first) and they worked hard for the time we spent at the Arcadia Park.

Savannah spent the afternoon with her older brother at lifeguard training (Austin is a trainer this year) before coming home for a BBQ over at the church.

On the soccer front, we had two victories on Saturday. One anecdotal example from the boy's game will explain my love and exasperation for the game of soccer.

A foul was called for a kid coming in an knocking heads with my boy. His jaw was jostled pretty good and the side of his head was pounded by the opposing player. The foul was about 22 yards diagonally off the goal high of the penalty corner. Jaden was taking his time to recover from the smack in the head and the opposition was setting their wall. According to the law of the game, no ceremonial start is necessary unless the team taking the kick asks for the opposition to be set at 10 yards or if the referee has stopped play (signaled by his whistle). Neither of these occurred. The opposition was at least 10 yards back and Jaden was ready to take the kick as was our team. There was no need for a whistled, ceremonial start. The only need was for the referee to exert his control on the game for that reason and that reason alone. Jaden kicked the ball into play, putting it into the back of the net with a well placed shot above the keeper's head on the back post. The referee called it back, stating he hadn't whistled. Let's just say I was a lift miffed and leave it at that. Jaden reset the ball again, placed it a little low where it bounced off an opposing player's head and into the back of the net again where the point stood. My assistant, in her normal charming way, yelled out, "Karma!"

Yesterday's church services went well and I was pleased to get my temple recommend renewed, interviewing with a counselor in the Stake Presidency. It was nice reviewing some silliness he observed on my FB account from 4/1 and he admitted the pregnancy announcement caught him up as well, even going so far as to check our ages in the church LDS Tools app and thinking, "Yep, they can still do it," and feeling a sense of joy at our fortune. He was informed by a friend that it was just an April Fool's joke and he thanked me for the laugh. We talked about coaching BB for the YMCA and the inherent flaws with the program but our love of coaching and helping our kids.

Testimony meeting was uplifting and I enjoyed listening to others share their witness of Jesus Christ, the gospel and the message of the Restoration of His church. And of course, hanging out in nursery with the sweet little cherub is always a joy. Yesterday was a little more painful and I had an eye gouged and a shin raked, but I still love the little droolers, the slobberers, the spitters, the toy throwers and the the cuddlers. All of them. It is at times like "herding cats," but it's amazing when a familiar note is sung or played and their attention, for the briefest of moments, is captured, the entire room, and the Spirit of God nestles in and witnesses of His supernal love.

Was the weekend entirely wonderful? No. There were challenges of varying sorts. There were times my patience was tried and I failed to rise to the challenge. There were moments I wanted to scream and probably did. But overall, the weekend was relaxing, a delight and definitely charged my batteries.
How was your weekend and what are you doing to not let time just slip by but savoring each moment?
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