Monday, May 19, 2014

First Season's Ride

Flat, the silver streaks of light reflect,
On depths of blue covering life.
The morning's call to the willing heart,
A yearning fulfilled by an engine roar.

Disturb the calm, sue for peace,
A windless pattern of powerful undulations.
Separate the smooth silk with powerful hand,
Thrust forward in pleasure's delight.

The first dip adds a refreshing moment,
Where skin and element unite and chill,
Settle into a position of power,
Ready, willing, anticipating, go!

Up, feverishly accelerating forward,
The thrill of the stick as it thrusts onward.
Cutting and winding, back and forth,
Then exultation achieved, harmony.

Just a little something to get those wakeboarding enthusiasts excited about a great upcoming season. I can't wait for more and look forward to every experience on the horizon. Watch for a goofy #goonproject video coming. Until then, here's a silly snippet.


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