Friday, March 20, 2009

Scout Campout: 20 Mile Bike Ride

I absolutely love being a leader and active participant in the Boy Scouts of America. When I took the oath of Eagle Scout some 20+ years ago, I don't believe I fully realized just how that oath would effect me and my posterity. How grateful I am that I was guided by a loving mother and father and gained a love of scouting.

Tonight we depart on yet another monthly campout. With soccer season taking up half of the year and balancing 4 teams on Saturdays, I don't always get to participate in all of the campouts. As this week is spring break and all of the games are canceled, my opportunity to go on the campout is cleared and I'm more thrilled than ever to go.

As a part of the camping merit badge requirements, our little patrol will be taking a bike trip tomorrow morning that is estimated to be 20 miles. The requirements are for 15 miles or 4+ hrs, but the young men also can fulfill the Duty to God requirement of 20 miles. Without a bike to use, I attempted to borrow some friends bike's but came up empty handed. Finding myself working just across the street from Costco, I sauntered over last night and cast my eyes upon this which is adequate and will provide our family with additional fun to come.
Prep for 20 mile ride with scout troop tomorrow on TwitPic
After clearing it with my wife (she's the financial guru in the fam), I purchased the bike with the understanding this would be my father's day gift and in return she would likewise receive a bike for mother's day. Works out well considering our children all have bikes and only "mom and dad" are left without something to ride at the park. As we're an active family, the compromise on parental day gifts works out well.

As far as camping, I'm excited once again to be out in the elements tonight and gaining a better appreciation for the gifts God has given us. Having the opportunity to train and experience these joys with my son makes it that much better. I'm so grateful for a dedicated set of scouting leaders that actively pursue events to develop my son. Our scoutmaster has been serving as such for well over a decade and is not only thorough in his duties but loves each of the boys.

One day I hope that this legacy of service will carry on in my children and they will see that the efforts each leader has offered is a direct reflection of their love of God and His children.

As for tonight, bring on nature and bring on the trails tomorrow. Ask me how it went on Sunday as I hobble up with stiff legs.

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