Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tweeting While Camping is Still Camping

When was the last time you went camping? How remote was the experience? So remote there was no mobile service coverage? Were you disappointed? Can you truly enjoy the moment if your mind is on technology and which tweep updated what?

Here I sit in the middle if the LBJ Grasslands just NW of Decatur, TX and I writing this entry in a campsite. I'm with my local scout troop. The leaders and boys are still asleep but the local wildlife has kept me up since probably before 6AM. it's been a beautiful experience: cows, crows, wild turkey, dogs, all sorts of loud little birds I've never heard before, and the creepy little spider that was inside my tent.

So is it really camping if I tweet, post pics and comment on Facebook? Some have commented that it isn't. Well, who writes the rules of camping and mobile living?

My creed is if you so feel inspired to blast the twittershere, blogosphere and whateversphere with your thoughts, regardless of your location or circumstance, DO IT!

So here I sit just prior to breakfast, before the 20 mile bike ride, enjoying the peace of the morning and blogging. Hopefully your morning is as peaceful as mine and your joy as full as mine. God is the source of this wonderful blessing: both in nature and His creations as well as His greatest creation's (mankind) handiwork in technology.
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