Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bike Ride by the Bay

It's not often that I have opportunities to take business trips as most developers, unless consultants, typically hold up in their cubes and code till their hearts content. I have over the last two years found myself in places that look very different from the gray wall fabric of a cube. From Buenos Aires, Argentina to Hamburg, Germany, you could say my trips have been a bit exotic.

Today I find myself in a location I previously visited while a young developer with Sabre. San Francisco is a beautiful metropolis with hills that shoot up out of nowhere, beaches where families play on the sand and in the bay, piers once for industry but seemingly more commercial now and landmarks that are awe inspiring.

Today I took advantage of an early training session to become scrum master certified and came to the Bay early. At the advisement of my manager I rented a bike and rode along the Bay passing the piers, the beaches and was awestruck by the Red Beauty herself. The Golden Gate Bridge, in all her iconic glory was today not only magnificent but it represented a physical challenge; one that had to best and conquer. While the ride was not terribly overpowering, the urge to take periodic snapshots of my adventure was a temptation I gladly indulged in (I'll post the whole set later tonight, but for now you can check out my twitpics from my tweeted status at http://twitter.com/austinsd).

Today I am grateful for so many things and among them the God given blessing of good health which enables me to enjoy an up close and personal experience with God's crowning creation's (humankind) handiwork.
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