Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thankful Heart This Peaceful Morning

Have you ever been up early and just soaked in the peace of the stillness of the morning? That's me right at this moment. After getting about 4 hours of sleep, I'm up early to take care of some pre-game business as I've got another very exhausting day ahead. With all of the likely stress that 4 soccer games and a trip to the temple with our church youth will ensue, I'm still amazed at just how peaceful I feel.

It's been a while since I've publicly expressed my appreciation for the wonders of my life and I feel, especially during this peaceful moment, to express my gratitude so here goes.

First and foremost, my greatest appreciation come from the love my Savior has given me and for the wonders of His creations. From the beauty of the blooming blue bonnets of Texas to the natural wonders of Iguazu, all of His handiwork truly amaze me. Just the other morning as I was dropping my kids off and fretting about a rain cancellation of a soccer game, I declined to ask my kids to pray for no rain as the rain provides so many blessings and what is a soccer game worth in comparison to the value of balancing out His creations and keeping harmony in the tiniest of ecosystems designed by He who truly understands best.

I would be an idiot to not realize the great joy and happiness my only true love, my wife, brings to my life. We've walked the road of marriage for almost 14 years now and I can only think of one troubled time that caused us to really become hurt with each other. 14 married years of bliss and wonderment is truly an amazing task and I hope to boast of an eternity of joyful moments. I am, in great measure, the individual I am because of this beauty and encouraging queen. What a blessing she is to me and praise the God in Heaven for blessing me with her!

My children, in all of their whirly dervish, pig-pen, moody and giggly glory bring me an absolute fulfillment of joy. From their soccer games, to excitement over positive achievements on their report cards, their toothless grins say it all and warm my heart. I love them dearly and treasure each one.

The peace the Holy Spirit brings is such a powerful experience and right now I'm filled with His light and glory. How I love feeling close to God and having His influence in my life. I'm grateful for the guidance the Spirit brings me daily and having this gift is praiseworthy.

Certainly enumerating my blessings would take up volumes of posts and we don't want Google to choke on just how expansive I could make it ;) My heart just feel content and good and experiencing the fruits of the Spirit when it's so peaceful in the morning is a blessing in an of itself.

What blessings are you experiencing and have you expressed your gratitude lately? Link back to this post if you right your own gratitude list. I'd love to read it. Please share in the comment section.
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