Tuesday, September 01, 2009

New Comm Biz : The Future of Social Media has Arrived! The War is Over!

I found this fascinating quote today:

  • 90% of US adults are online*

  • 80% of US online adults participate in social media**

  • newcommbiz.com, New Comm Biz » The Future of Social Media has Arrived! The War is Over!, Sep 2009
    *(85-95% depending on which survey’s you choose to believe)
    **(According to Forrester’s latest research)

    The article is primarily focused on social media and while I agree with the fact that in order to succeed in business today you must socially connect with your market, why the percentages are so high is what was interesting to me.

    How long has it taken for adults to finally get online? It's been well over a decade and we're just now at roughly 90%? Comparing the rate of adoption for social media and one can naturally coorelate the interests adults find online with social media.

    But what connections are being lost in life to that online? Asking this question is like putting a knife to my online social throat. Many have asked whether I actually work for a living or just hang on Twitter/Facebook. They're interelated so I can honestly say yes. So am I missing something in the real world?

    Last night, for Family Home Evening (it's an LDS weekly event), our family, as well as all of our congregation's families, was encouraged to listen to a fireside address by Elder Bednar titled "Things As They Really Are." I found the talk to be quite compelling and revealing and felt cautioned to not sacrifice critical time I have with my family and others for the addictive trappings of social media. While I primarily have used social networks for outgoing messages, I've felt at times an overwhelming sense of obligation to provide messages, sometimes to the point of conflict, to anyone that would listen.

    Social media, while necessary in today's business, is not the end all be all of social communities. In fact, the rising generation may be degenerating/de-evolving socially according to this Wall Street Journal article.

    So what are we to make of the new world of social media in which we live and will continue to live? Embrace it where it makes sense and for the goodness that you may extract out of it. That being said, censor yourself and make sure it's in line with the values you treasure most. And when in doubt, turn off the mediums of digital socialization and interact in real-time, face-to-face, with individual in the real world.

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