Friday, April 16, 2010

Realities of Mortality

A common theme for me lately has been the hard reality of our decaying existing: namely mortality. Putting it that way may sound a bit bleak and most of it is my point of reference over the last few years. Yes, I'm in my decaying phase of life and while I generally work to quell the sands of time from pouring out too fast, my body is beginning to show signs of deterioration. What are the indicators (for those of you not yet feeling their effects)?
  • prone to injury (recall my knee blow out 3 yrs ago)
  • weight gain (mine fluctuates often)
  • reduced ability to recall short term memories (OK, I'm not quite there yet, thankfully)
There are certainly many others but I'll rant on the first two.

The last few months my body has been in stasis as my feet have tried to recover from an undiagnosable injury. Well, not exactly stasis as my body has changed; 25 lbs increased certainly isn't a non-reaction. What I've learned from the experience (and still learning) is when one love breaks down you need to move on quickly and find a replacement. Love meaning interest in exercise for those trying to read more into it than they should. The whole time I've been on the injured list I should have been weight training, possibly swimming, certainly riding my bike and looking for non-impacting ways of using my body without my feet. Recovery, as a result of my laziness, will be more difficult and longer. Point: don't let your deficiencies inhibit your efficiencies.

Now for the self deprecating point of this post. Weight gain is a struggle that many people battle. I've not felt it was a big hindrance in my life but the more I see myself, my genetics, my circumstances, the more I realize I need to control this part of my life. I'm dissatisfied with my appearance and when I lack confidence in my appearance I'm not where I should be mentally. So what do I need to do about it? Well, the answer is somewhat in my points above. Not only do I need to pick up the pace of an exercise routine, I need to balance it with common sense nutrition. Avoid the Friday night pizza runs that seem to be a staple of our hectic end-of-the-week-post-practice-Friday-movie-nights (does that count for one of the longest dashed run ons?). Eat when I'm hungry and not fill myself beyond full (no stuffing). I've mused that once my feet heal I'll be able to drop the pounds quickly and get back to "normal." Truth be told, I've never been at my ideal weight, or rather my perceived iconic body build. It's time I start doing something about it with what ever circumstance I may be in.

Have you been feeling similar mortality woes? How are you overcoming the effects of your decaying mass ;) ? Suggestions?
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