Sunday, October 13, 2013

Am I Really Writing a Book?

A few years ago I wrote something on this blog that caused a couple of friends/family to suggest that I should write a book, a novel, a short story, anything as an avenue of expressing the jumbles of thought, feelings and craziness that float around in my head. I put it off as something I would do when I had more time or interest and basically blew off the thought all together. But recently I've really enjoyed the experience of blogging and writing anything longer than a hashtag or a micro thought on social media. The power of expression is much deeper and allows me to discover myself on multiple levels.

A dear friend of mine recently shared some of her personal writings which made me step back and reflect upon my own desires to write. Through the simple act of sharing something personal I came to realize I wanted express myself in a way I've never undertaken before. So yesterday I embarked upon my first foray into the world of book writing. 

I'm grateful for an inspired friend that shared a piece of her joy and delight which caused me to return to an older art form I likewise enjoyed so many years ago. I'm also grateful to my family that inspires me to take on new adventures with little criticism.  I feel like this new adventure is a really good distraction and use of free time that otherwise would be squandered on movies or mindless social media. So if I go dark from the nauseatingly fluff of FB, it's because I'm stretching my brain a bit with a new hobby.

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