Monday, December 02, 2013

Perspective Clears an Otherwise Foggy View

There is just something about running that invigorates my soul. I've said it countless times before and I'll probably continue on this mantra for quite some time to come. One of the greatest personal benefits to me above that which is physical, is the dedicated spiritual time received through my early morning runs.

I tend to run at an insanely early hour which affords me the benefit of relatively calm or barren road ways and little to no distractions around me. In these serene moments, I feel like I can find my personal "closet" where I can tuck away and speak openly with the Lord and likewise feel inspired by His still small voice.

While running this morning in the 4am hour, my eyes were drawn to a scene to the west of me as I rose up the recently reduced N. Beach road just south of Heritage Trace Parkway. The field to the west was masked by thick fog which had previously gone unnoticed to my eyes while I was at the same elevation level. My climb above the mist gave me clarity to it's existence and as I descended on the north side of the hill I became acutely aware of the fog I was descending into.

The perspective made the difference. Had I not been placed in a slightly elevated position, I may not have known the fog even existing, slowly merging myself in with the surrounding environment until being completely overtaken with the spritzing of water molecules. Little by little I would have been overcome and had the fog become thick enough, lost or trapped in a situation of no return.

As I descended into the fog, I was acutely aware of it's existence, showed forth caution and kept my focus on the end goal rather than allowing myself to be easily turned and fall into dangerous paths. Interestingly, during my sojourn in the fog, a car came whipping through, lights on high beam, and temporarily blinded me. Had I not already gained my bearings on the path, the blindness may have likewise cause me to stray.

As I thought about the why the Lord unveiled this scene to me, my spiritual eyes were opened. As leaders in the church or as leaders in our homes, we need to be in a spiritual path that gives us an elevated perspective in order to dissuade others from traveling through the mist of darkness or being conscious that it exists and avoiding it for ourselves. When we are required to travel through it, having a higher, spiritual perspective allows us to get our bearings, by holding fast to the word of the Lord, and allows us to reach our end goal unscathed, not turning away into paths that deceive and corrupt. At times, a blast of light can lead the way but if we blast others with the light of the gospel and they do not have their spiritual coordinates locked in, the temporary flash of spiritual brilliance can be more damaging, leading others astray from lack of substance and constant nourishment by God's word.

I have noticed these patterns in my own life from both the perspective of leading and being led. I'm so grateful to have spiritual leaders in my life that climb the mountains of Zion to provide spiritual guidance from their perspective on behalf of me and my family. I'm likewise grateful the Lord entrusted me, at times in the church and consistently with my own family, with the opportunity to gain perspective, to become a watchman and to help direct the spiritual affairs of the kingdom. My immeasurable contributions are just that, but for my family they can be infinitely great when I direct in the Lord's way.

Thank the Lord He's allowed me to run, gain perspective and have these little tidbits of spiritual insight.
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