Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How I've Missed You So

Aching muscles in my back,
Devoid of comfort  through the night.
In your absence, far from me now,
To have your caress so light.

Were it not for the miles between us come,
The softness of your touch to share.
My head feels weary yet sleep evades,
Toward the ceiling my eyes just stare.

How many times I've felt your touch,
Silky smooth yet lifelessly cold,
Holding, embracing, shivering to warmth,
Adoration and yearning remain untold.

Storms do rage and torrents pour,
There is no bounce or undulation fair.
Calming smoothness on sea of glass,
Serenity I feel dual presence share.

Lifted high above the earthly rubble,
My love for you, though far away,
Calls to me, beckons me home tonight,
Allow my wearied body upon you lay.

You are my comfort, my night time lover,
A decade now of shared dreams.
Through night terrors and joyous lays,
You've soaked  all my teary streams.

Oh TempurPedic®, how I've missed you so.
No couch can claim your place.
To stretch over your perfect, lifeless foam,
Each night you kiss my face.

You've won my body, my soul you stole,
My wearied body will ache no more.
I come to you, please wait 'til then,
And sooth my aching heart still sore.
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