Thursday, January 30, 2014

Novel #1 Title, Feedback Readers and Thanks

The time is fast approaching to begin the process of publishing my first novel and I couldn't be more pleased with the process, the help I've received and the excitement now building within me. There are still a few things I need help with and I'm now publicly asking for help. I'm in need of a catchy title but as most of you haven't read the novel, it would be difficult for you to help in that regard. The current working title is "Veiled Incandescence" and some love it and others struggle with it.

The ask: I need some readers to go through the content of the novel, looking for holes, discrepancies, general areas that lag or just don't fit, and are willing to provide open feedback. For those interested, I'll grant special access to the text online and I'll set up a special Facebook page for discussion. I'm torn between keeping it closed vs open as I don't want spoilers to necessarily be leaked prior to publishing but press (whether good or bad) is always a powerful force and the more free publicity I can get the better. At the end of the book, I would ask you to provide a suggestion for the title. Whomever comes up with the selected title, you'll get some acknowledgements in the published copy of the book. PM me if you're interested.

I've had a few special friends that have helped guide my work to whom I'm so very grateful.
Dan, tks for laughing a little, as have all other males, at the prospect of me writing a romance novel. You gave it a try, for a day, and good on you for painstakingly trudging through the first chapter. I hope your testosterone levels didn't severely dip and you're now at full strength again. And thanks, truly, for the encouragement.

Antoinette, tks for the encouragement, the eye for edits and for getting lost in the story. It was helpful to know that even through your sickness, the story kept your attention.

Kristy, your overwhelming ability to redden the text, your technical prowess in the English language and your continued sensitivity for how each critique would affect me personally has been greatly appreciated. I feel confident that the novel to be published will be a polished work in great measure because of your efforts.

Lindsay, thank you for inspiring me to write and getting lost in the timeless love story. Your feedback of how certain areas made you feel certain ways has been invaluable and encouraging. Watching your little cursor at lunch time as I wrote, knowing you were cheering me on from behind a digital veil was fun, enlightening, at first creepy, then comforting and encouraging. With your warning that I'd better not screw up the ending, I hope I haven't disappointed.

Mom, you've been the cheerleader of my life, always telling me to just go for it. While I've only read to you a portion of the novel, you lifted me up again with comments, making me believe I can do anything no matter how impossible it may seem. I think I could have written absolute drivel and you would have beamed with approval. Thanks for believing in me.

Rebecca, you are my greatest inspiration, the reason I write and to whom I have the fullest sense of gratitude. You've always believed I can do anything I set my heart to, though I have proved you wrong more times than I care to admit. How many times have I come to you with book ideas, you politely tell me to go for it, only to have not a single word ever penned? I'm sure that by the time this concept was discussed, internally you were rolling your eyes and believing I would pass it by like all of the rest. Yet, you prodded me on, have given me encouraging moments, and read when I needed your feedback. So much of the story stems from our experiences together and I hope you're just as excited about publishing it as I am.

And as you may have noticed from the post title, another book is in the works. Something completely different. And I'll just leave it at that.
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