Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Overwhelmed with Gratitude

Ever have one of those days, hours, minutes or moment in time when you feel so overwhelmingly appreciative? That's how I feel right now. It's been building up over the last weekend. It ebbed and flowed and wasn't all to consistent, just percolating in the recesses of my heart. But it was there. And now it's overflowing and I just have to say: THANK YOU!!!

You may be wondering why I feel this way and what would cause me to declare my joy and gratitude. Well, sometimes it's just a little thing. Other times it's more dramatic. This time, I'd say it's both. 

Last week, my oldest son began stuttering for a reason we couldn't explain. At first it just seemed random, then noticeably worse until it was alarmingly horrible. His face began to contort with discomfort as he willed the words to be spoken yet stuck in his mouth like peanut butter on the roof of a dog's mouth. With an increasing alarm and at the behest of a friend's doctor friend (church networking works), Rebecca spent much of last Wednesday, New Year's Day, at Cook Children's Memorial Hospital in Fort Worth (Austin has an odd personal connection with this facility). 

Part of my gratitude is derived from an outpouring of love, support, prayers, well wishes, happy thoughts and general niceness that was conveyed over Facebook. More than any other goofy post, questioning probe or deliberate solicitation I've made previously via social media, last Wednesday's overwhelming response deeply touched me. Continued requests for information as well as offers for continued prayers have been deeply appreciated. Gratefully, in God's mercy, from prayers of the faithful as well as direct blessings via priesthood power, our son is experiencing healing. The doctors found nothing physically wrong with him which is in and of itself a blessing. 

Another huge blessing landed in our lap today. My mother, in her goodness and charity (Jesus' pure love), made a considerable contribution that will cover the medical debt we are likely to incur over the short hospital stay last week.  Considering how utterly horrible our insurance coverage is, the debt will likely be crushing financially. Enough so that my dear wife was stressing about it even before she came home that night. But in my mother's mercy, she offered to cut us a check in the amount of an estimated cost. I was shell shocked over her offer today. How grateful I am for her benevolence. 

There are a whole host of other blessings that are swirling around in my heart and head but these two top the list for the moment. My heart is truly overwhelmed by the goodness shown out family and I praise God for helping me to have eyes to see these blessings. 
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