Monday, February 24, 2014

Celebrations to Endings and Beginnings and In-Betweens

Once again, the Hanson family was active in various activities this weekend that split, joined, divided and unified our family in various ways. From games, to parties, BBQ's to dinners, hot tubbing, worship, dancing and giggling, we definitely were blessed with a full weekend.

Friday night, Liesl had her end of season party for YMCA basket ball. The season was pretty successful, ending around 50% win/loss record. Considering her team was comprised of mostly 4th and 5th graders playing against 7th and 8th graders, I'm feeling pretty good about their success. Unfortunately the tournament didn't go quite as well, losing in the first round where we should have taken the team we played, having beaten them twice during the regular season. But such is life. Sometimes you show up to play and other times you watch others dominate and you wonder where you skills went. The feedback I received was mostly positive, having quite a few express a desire to come back and play again in the summer. I'm looking forward to these Hurricanes re-uniting again and having a go at it.

Austin participated in an annual Teachers/Priests Basketball tournament for church where his team pulled together some pretty sweet plays. His first game he dominated with around 16 points, snagging a ton of rebounds and showing off some ridiculous "granny shots" just to be silly. I was amazed at how high he can jump now, dominating the boards against others equal to his height. Standing at 6'1" he definitely has some height advantage and he used his athleticism in all of his games. They went on to play 3 games on Saturday, losing their final by just 6 points against a far superior team. Placing 3rd in a tournament where most of the our players don't play BB was fun to watch. Austin was cracking us up through most of it, shouting at the top of his lungs, stating, "MY BALL!!!" or "Man Down," when he'd drop to the floor. At times he'd wrap up another player, jousting for a loose ball but instead would be hugging the opponent. When called for the foul, he once said, "Friendly hug," then would run back down court and reset. He's a funny young man and I'm so blessed to be his dad.

While Jaden spent the majority of his day at a soccer referee clinic upgrading his licensing to Grade 8 (eligible to ref up to U17 games), Rebecca worked on her Etsy orders during much of the tournament and the rest of us played over at the Waldens, enjoying some burnt hot dogs by yours truly and hot tubbing a midst the glorious near 80s temps kissing the Texas February.

The evening ended with Savannah enjoying a quick party at her soccer friends home, Austin going to the skate park in Lewisville, Savannah and Austin respectively attending a youth dance in Colleyville, Jaden playing in a soccer match despite being sick and a few worn out parents trying to watch a show on Netflix before crashing out for the evening. By the time I worked myself into my bed, the oldest two were on their way home and checking in. To my oldest daughter I asked, only to rib her as I do, whether the boy that dropped her off tried to kiss her. He's great young man that is receiving his mission call (opening it today), so I'm not really too concerned. Just helping her to see the wisdom of appropriate rides in cars with boys for future dating experiences. Hopefully she understands her "daddy's" love for her.

As Jaden was still sick, despite a pretty decent game Saturday night, he stayed home from church and I stayed with him. Even though I wasn't able to attend church, I was still able to study the scriptures, pray and look over my seminary lesson. It felt great getting closer to God through His word and while not my most fervent of worship moments, I still felt His love.

As we were low on laundry and our washer broke on Wed of last week (still waiting on a part), we were invited to wash some loads over at the Waldens in exchange for dinner to which we were happy to comply. I spent a few hours washing while the family later joined us for dinner, laughs, enjoyable conversation and some mind numbing TV watching. Rebecca remarked how nice it is to have friends that get us, love our kids as their own, can converse to easily and with whom we can feel comfy staying to wash laundry in their home. We love our friends and are so grateful for them in our lives.

So what did I learn from the weekend of events? Plan shorter end of season parties as you never know how many will actually show up despite RSVPs. Watch your dogs, especially when someone asks you about your dying dad's funeral that already has a date. Don't feed dogs burnt hot dogs no matter how well they sit and beg. Always take the opportunity to soak in a hot tub - it's good for the soul. Wash laundry at your friend's home despite comments of stripes and soda because you never know just how much you'll love to laugh with them until you give it a try. Cherish the time with your family, even if laser bolts are shooting through your skull in the dark about a comment your wife was thinking but you had the courage to state. Worship when you can and do it even in unconventional ways because you always need His help.

How was your weekend?
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