Sunday, February 09, 2014

Delightful Weekend Re-Cap

Sometimes it's just nice to catalog the fun that was experienced over the weekend. In case you're hoping for some spiritual insight, you may want to stop reading 'cause this ain't it.

Friday marked the end of my final work week as a consultant prior to my converting over to a full time employee, starting tomorrow. As we had snow in our area on Thursday and I was able to log more hours early in the week and on Thursday while I worked from home, Fri was a leave the office early kind of a day and I was ready to play.

Friday night most of the family, including our oldest son's girlfriend, made our way over the Walden's for dinner, hot tubbing and watching of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Food was good, company better and the hot tub bubbling hot. The temps outside were chilly enough that I just simply didn't want to leave the tub and felt compelled to do so once my good wife finally departed. While the ceremonies were less than stellar, the company was as usual outstanding and it made the evening another great experience in a growing list of exceptional weekend get togethers.

Saturday had it's ups and downs with an expected loss in my daughter's basketball game against middler schoolers. To our dismay, the YMCA was unable to fulfill the 11 - 12 yr old age group with sufficient number of teams and our team was placed into a 11 - 14 yr old group.  Considering Liesl is already playing up a year, she's having to compete against girls up to 4 years older in maturity and skill level and the differences in ability are quite stark. Watching the opposing team warm up it was quite apparent we were going to have a losing experience and we needed to salvage any type of dignity we could manage. As expected, the loss was severe but I was nevertheless pleased with my team's performance in certain areas.

The night's fun came via DJ'ing a Valentine's dance for adults in our local church. For the second time since I began DJ'ing, I was asked to run the music for the dance. Knowing some that enjoy the dance I knew I had my work cut out for me. I spent several hours putting together potential music and had queued up over 9 hrs worth of great tunes I could have played for the 2.5 hours. As is, I think it turned out well and those that got on the dance floor had a great night. Some were hilarious in their energy and choreographed moves to One Direction and Michael Jackson. Others were simply so smooth on their feet, moving in perfect rhythm to salsa, bachata, waltz and swing. From my vantage point, I loved watching the joy as couples renewed what helped kindle their love in the first place: an expression of their hearts yielding themselves to someone who would foster their love and return it several fold.

Today's worship was moving as I listened to one seminary student bear witness of her love and truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and how seminary is shaping her personal testimony of Jesus Christ. Another friend shared the first principle and ordinances of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how the Book of Mormon and the Bible share a common witness of these principles. Another friend prayed so beautifully that I felt as though Heavenly Father was standing in the chapel with us and she was merely talking to her most dear of friends. The service was truly moving and I felt so uplifted.

And there you have it. My weekend was so enjoyable. Of course, I'm finishing it up with some writing on my second book (now 7 chapters in) and feel blessed to have had some motivation and inspiration to push through a writing block. Heading into the new week, I feel blessed that I'll be employed full time with a great firm, will find out my roster for my son's soccer team tomorrow night, will likely fight off the urge to work from home as it snows tomorrow, fight the urge to miss runs while it's cold, hold a first  soccer practice for the coming season and a last basketball practice for the season. All the while, I'll be looking forward to taking my love to the temple on Friday since she missed it last weekend and partying with my friends for Dan's b-day! I truly am grateful for a great life!
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