Thursday, February 05, 2009

Math Quiz and Blog Experiment: Your Participation is Desired

this isn't something you'd find if you Google'd it but after the
experiment I hope you'll be able to. I'm conducting a simple experiment
where the integrity of the results is dependent upon the level of
integrity of the individuals. In other words, can you follow directions
and not spoil it for other participants.

1) If you choose to participate, answer the question(s) and send the results to my personal e-mail.
2) Do not answer the question(s) in the comments section.
3) Link to THIS blog entry from your blog, social networking site or web site with the same experiment.
Once you've linked to this post, drop a comment with a link back to
your link or comment that you sent me an e-mail with your link back.
5) Use the comment section for clarification, discussion, but please keep it positive.
6) Go the extra mile and find out the reason behind the answer and receive extra bonus points.
7) Participation is the reward of the quiz and experiment (sorry, I'm too cheap to give out prizes).


Find a positive whole number greater than 0 which when multiplied by any whole number great than 0 has the following properties
--the sum of the digits in the product are equal to the whole number you're trying to find
taking the sum of the digits in the product, if the sum of a pair of
digits results in a value greater than 10, sum those two digits
together before taking the sum of the original digits in the product.
there some natural explanation for the behavior of this whole number
and it's relationship to other whole numbers in the multiplication?

Have fun and I look forward to your answers, links and general comments.

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